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Who is Magellan Federal?

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About Us

Magellan has been proudly supporting the Military Community and Family Policy’s (MC&FP) Military and Family Life Program (MFLC) since 2012. Magellan brings to the MFLC program its more than 35 year history of behavioral health, employee assistance programs (EAP), and non-medical counseling expertise. With one of the nation’s largest networks of independently licensed behavioral health professionals, our MFLC counselors provide confidential, non-medical, face-to-face counseling on military installations throughout the U.S. and overseas.

We have a long history of giving back to those who have bravely fought for our country, ensuring that their families are provided with the highest level of care, compassion, and support. Magellan is proud to bring our expertise and deep-rooted passion to the MFLC program—a program that effectively expands access to counseling services and reduces the barriers and stigma often associated with seeking support for our military service members and their families.

Our Mission. Our Values.

Our “mission before business” culture allows us to attract a special breed of selfless staff—providing the government efficient and dedicated professionals. Once aboard, we support and invest in our workforce, ensuring employee satisfaction and reinforcing the principles and practices of Customer Delight.

At Magellan Federal, our clients’ mission is our mission. We hold our clients’ priorities as our sole focus and measure ourselves based upon the value we deliver. Through expertise, innovation, and effort, we work together toward the ultimate goal of enhancing the lives of Warriors, Veterans, and their Families.

Why Work at Magellan Federal

Magellan Federal offers a comprehensive benefits package, which includes a 401(k) savings plan, medical and dental insurance, professional development, short and long-term disability insurance, life insurance, legal benefits, and many more.
If you are in search of a work environment that is fun, open and team oriented, yet requires strong individual drive, Magellan Federal might be the company for you. Here at Magellan Federal, we believe in encouraging growth and innovative ideas.
At Magellan Federal, we value the diverse background of our employees and provide an environment where diversity thrives. We recognize the breadth of experiences, ideas and values that a diverse workforce generates and we are committed to providing equal opportunity to all.
At Magellan Federal, your development is enhanced by a broad variety of assignments. We aim to match employee goals with business needs in support of workforce development initiatives. Our career development program includes enhancing each employee's job performance and enabling individuals to take advantage of future opportunities. We help our employees design their career paths and devise programs that help employees reach their goals.

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